human resources management system

So what does this have to do with an HR portal? Well…plenty.

HR Portal provides the right information to the right people. The HR portal we create is a specialized “piece” of Business Portal. We provide HR-related content and applications to those who need it—those assigned to the Employee, Manager, Payroll Administrator, and Human Resources Administrator roles. For example, your Human Resources department manages all kinds of information—everything from what procedures are covered under your company’s dental plan to how many hours of vacation time you have available. Your Human Resources department needs a way to provide the dental plan information to all employees, and a way to provide your vacation information to just you. An HR portal will help you do this.

Micro HR Features

KUWAIT LABOUR LAW : The payroll system is adapted to the labour laws existing in Kuwait for computing labour benefits such as Leave, Indemnity, sick Leave etc. These rules can be changed to suit individual companies. DOCUMENT EXPIRY : All employee documents, which require renewal, are tracked by the system and reports can be generated to inform management whenever any employees documents need to be renewed thereby eliminating any problems with government agencies. Details of important documents such as Passport, Residence, Civil-Id, Driving License etc. can be stored in the system.
EMPLOYEE HISTORY: The system keeps full history of employee data including payroll history, leave history etc. This allows management to make more informed decisions regarding the employee. EMPLOYEE IMAGE : You can store employee photograph in the database. This is very useful for top management if the company employs a large number of employees. Management can quickly relate to employees data if they can view the photo of the employee.
EMPLOYEE INVENTORY : This option allows you to keep track of items issued to each employee. This helps management to keep better control of stock by reducing the chances for misuse. It is also useful during employee’s retirement or termination to know which items need to be reclaimed from the employee ELIMINATE PAPER-WORK : By keeping all employee records in a computerized system, you can eliminate all the wasteful paper-work required to keep track of employee data and also reduce the time required to search for employee details. By keeping all details in a computerized system, you have all the necessary information at the tip of your fingertip

HR Clients

  • Takaful insurance company Kuwait
  • ALMohands Company Kuwait
  • Qortuba Co-Op Society

Project Description

What is Micro HR Portal? By definition, a portal is a unified place that connects people to contextually relevant information, services, and applications. and Business Portal does just that. Its role-based, meaning that if youre assigned to the Salesperson role, youll see information for salespeople when you log on to Business Portal. Similarly, if youre a manager, youll see the pages and web parts designed for managers. You wont waste time skimming through information and web pages that have nothing to do with you or your job.